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HICA is remunerated by Health Funds with which HICA has a distribution agreement (participating health funds). To ensure HICA's policies continually represent high value, HICA regularly reviews the market and may change the list of participating health funds accordingly.

The remuneration received by HICA is typically less than 5% of premiums and allows us to provide professional health insurance services to Australian residents at no charge and without obligation. In some instances, HICA may share remuneration with selected charities, not-for-profit groups, associations and organisations with whom we have a current service agreement.

Consumers do not pay additional fees or premiums to participating health funds for using HICA's services.

The remuneration received by HICA does not influence policy premiums nor the advice we provide regarding the products offered by participating Health Funds.

HICA does not represent all health funds. Some funds only make their policies available through their branches or limited outlets, while others do not, or no longer offer products that HICA views as competitive.

HICA only recommends policies from Government Registered Health Funds.