Introduction to HICA

Health Insurance Consultants Australia Pty Ltd (HICA) is Australia's leading independently owned health insurance consultancy and brokerage. We offer bespoke health insurance solutions to Corporate, SME, professional groups and associations as well as individuals.

We have been providing specialist health insurance advice and assistance for more than 30 years. In that time, we’ve helped tens of thousands of Australians secure appropriate, affordable health insurance and extensive experience working with Australian domiciled and multinational companies. Our clients have head offices in all major Australian capitals as well as North America, Europe and Asia. Our capabilities include arranging a full spectrum of health insurance services for domestic, inpatriate and expatriate policyholders.

We specialise in private health insurance but provide a wide range of corporate, commercial, small business and individual insurance products and services.

HICA Corporate Services

Our specialised health insurance consulting and broking services to corporates, SME, small business and professional associations include;

HICA has developed a diverse range of innovative and flexible plan structures designed to accommodate all scales of organisations and the full spectrum of funding scenario's from fully voluntary to fully subsidised. HICA plan structures are designed to reduce legislative exposure risk; provide cost control and certainty to the employer whilst also fracilitating alignment of the corporate health plan with HR recruiting and retention objectives.

HICA not only brings value to our clients in the development and implementation of an optimal plan structure, but additionally in the ongoing administration, performance and sustainability of the plan.

As part of our service offering we conduct a comprehensive review to ensure that your health plan programme is tailored to your requirements and that any decisions regarding the health plan going forward are highly informed by an understanding of available plan structure, funding and underwriting options.

Our approach to service involves the development of a formal documented process as outlined in our Client Service Plan, whereby every step in the process we will be providing you during the course of the programme year is detailed.

Our Service Approach

The key to our success is our team's customer service focus and in depth understanding of the dynamics of the health insurance market. This includes knowledge about the key drivers of costs, benefit developments, which insurers are the innovators and the followers, the strengths and weaknesses of benefit strategies, putting it simply, knowing what works and what doesn’t work. The end result is a corporate health plan that meets your objectives, budget and is accepted by employees as a valuable addition to their benefit package.

Ensuring our clients can make informed decisions about their insurance combined with an ongoing commitment to continuously deliver professional services is the key advantage we provide to our clients.

Our services to families and individuals

Insurance an important part of all Australian households budgets. Whilst we offer a range of health and travel insurance cover options online, we don't just help you compare covers - we are your insurance advocate. HICA provide clients with a personal approach to insurance advice through our free professional assessment service. Assessments can be delivered to us online, by e-mail, fax, post or even over the telephone. You can be assured that one of our professional consultants will personally review your situation and forward full details of HICA’s recommended health insurance cover to you - usually within 48 hours.We listen to understand your needs and provide you with appropriate options to help you find the right cover at the right price.

Importantly, we will monitor your cover arrangements to ensure that it continues to provide value in benefits and premiums relevant to your requirements.

We save individuals and families time and trouble by:

HICA's services to Australian individuals, couples and families are free and without obligation. You do not pay additional fees or incur higher premiums for using HICA's services.

Our commitment to you

Assisting you to make an informed decision regarding your health insurance and ensuring the policy you join through HICA continues to provide you with excellent value in both cover and cost is at the very heart of what we do.

Having built our reputation on trust, integrity, knowledge and the delivery of service excellence we have developed a proven track record to look after and advise our many clients on the complex subject of health insurance.

Please refer to our Financial Services Guide (FSG) for more information.

Health Insurance Consultants Australia Pty Ltd (HICA) is Australia's leading independently family owned and operated health insurance brokerage.

Over the past 30 years HICA have been helping tens of thousands of Australians find affordable health insurance. We know that insurance can be confusing, with so many insurers to choose from and different types of health cover policies available. We help our clients make informed decisions about their health insurance needs by comparing a number of insurers to find the most suitable insurance policy for our clients.

Our service extends beyond finding the right insurance policy, we continue to review the value in benefits and premiums relevant to your requirements year on year. At HICA we know how important it is for you to have the most appropriate level of insurance cover to suit your circumstances.

As a broker we have access to health cover options and corporate health plans from a range of reputable Health Insurers.

We provide insurance services Australia wide to families and singles, the corporate sector, SME’s and overseas visitors.